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Another Day Of Random Doings =)

I successfully cooked a dish of scrumptious fried vegetables
Interesting to know that I actually approved of my own cooking (for once) apart from the super easy fried eggs & maggie mee
Went cycling round and round the same ole road
Went online at 4.30
No one was there
I was left alone for 2 hours
Went online again at 6.30 no, wait, 7 something in the evening
Finally saw half my contacts online
Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!! Whoop Whoop
Mum & I talked about etiquette over dinner
SUDDENLY changed subject to “fartiquette”
Started cracking up laughing
There goes our digestion… Pfft
Took a nap before that
I thougt i dreamt of George Bush in swimming trunks but I forgot how he looked like. Pfft
Went online after I woke up
Chatted with Kimmy & Ethian
Aren’t they quite a pair? *ahem cough cough*
Tended to a load of laundry (my chore)
My Mum was beaming from East to West
Feeling real proud & confident
She feels that she can now send me off to the Amazon Forest
To handle the orang-utans since I actually now know how to cook, to iron, to do laundry & to play the Amazing Grace
Except that I will have to pack a washing machine along…not to mention my piano.
I had such a shattering earthquake laughter conjuring this post with my mum.
I was being careful to make sure that the wind did not come from me but the fan.
Phew, I made it with much facial contortion.
Good wrinkle-free facial exercise would be my only consolation then.
We are really having a humorous affair!

Shandel xoxo

(Credits given to my mum, who always sees the light in every situation xD)


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