Friends- Do They Make You Look Cool or Like A Fool (an article by some1)

Friends- Do They Make You Look Cool or Like a Fool?
“Hey, I thought we agreed about this?”

“Look, I changed my mind okay.”

“But we’re best buddies. Friends are supposed to stick around & help each other. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed.”

“Sorry pal, that only happens on Disney channel. Besides, I’m your only puppy!”

Sounds ridiculous? Yes, maybe. But what if it really were are real conversation between two homo sapiens?Think that one party is being too selfish?Or perhaps the other party no longer feels comfortable and secure in the other person’s presence and decides to bid ‘adios’ before it’s too late.
A true friend sticks to you like elephant glue (that’s what most art teachers will claim). But are our friends really as sincere as we think? Those who claim to be your friend but who do not respect you for your values and principles will only take you for a ride in a little world of false hopes and pretensions. After all, haven’t we all heard of this little anecdote: being alone is better than having an evil companion but having a sincere companion is better than being alone.
Friends are special because we single-handedly pick them. Besides, we can’t live without our ‘power puff girls’. We enjoy meeting them and talking to them non-stop over the phone.  But ‘shopping’ for good friends can be a tricky thing. We’ve all been fed up with doses of Aesop fables regarding who we choose as our friends. Friends should be chosen based on positive character and not on popularity & status.
But so what? (you may ask). it’s not such a big deal even if he or she picks-pockets or talks in a language that no goody-two-shoes will be able to decipher. After all, it’s not like he or she is a drug addict or something. We all have our own faults. Besides, friends are supposed to stick together through thick or thin. Right? Wrong! To remain within the reach of a spotted leopard means that it will surely spring on you one day.
Have we ever realized that we become like those whom we hang out with? Stop & think for a moment. The way we talk, the jokes we crack & the fact that we can’t get enough of Friendster & You Tube. Somehow there is a tinge of similarity when it comes to our personal traits and those of our buddies.
Here is a beautiful analogy that I’d like to share with you on how friends influence our lives. “The example of a sincere companion & a bad one is like a perfume seller. Every time you visit the perfume seller, you benefit from his or her shop: You either get some perfume as a present or you buy some from him. Or sometimes you at least obtain the beautiful fragrance when being with him. On the other hand, when being with the worker on the bellows you might soil your clothes or get a bad stench from him.” These were quoted by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
Sociologists say that the ability to maintain friendships ebbs and flows with age. Here are some interesting facts about the number of friends we eventually have throughout our lives.
Number of best friends the average adult has : one or two
Number of casual friends an average adult has : ten to twenty
The amount of time it takes to form a lasting friendship : three years
Time of life when people have the least friends : middle age
Time of life when people have the most number of friends : young adulthood & old age
So, are your friends really worth it? Do they knock some sense in your head or do they make you feel guilty about the things you do together? But apart from judging others based on our own perceptions, we should ask ourselves this most important question: “Am I a sincere friend to others?” Think about that the next time you watch Disney Channel.


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