Today was a very tiring day… First I had to go for running and then go for dancing. it was none-stop hard work la. Sigh, I’m practically sunburnt, aching, and exhausted from running, but, on top of that I have to go for swimming in the morning… This year is freakishly hectic. Oh well, what to do… Crap!!!! Bonnie & Amber, a shoutout to both of you: Please don’t link my 2nd blog and please don’t tell anyone about the 2nd blog or you shall suffer the consequences (joking la but if u really do tell then maybe i will do what i say). Heehee!! It’s kind of weird that while typing my new post, I have the stupid Girlfriend song in my head: Hey hey you you i know that you like me …. Argh!!!!!! It’ll take me quite a while to get it out of my head. Btw, thank you Andrew & Elena for the pizza!!! it was yummy!! I got this question from one of my friends who sent me an e-mail: What if George W. Bush was a Jedi? Ever thought about it? Haha!! Imagine George Bush in the black robes, with a Jedi sword thingy or whatever you call it… He looks so lame…. LOL!! This coming Friday is the Bronze expedition!! Yay!! I wonder who else is going besides Amber and Miyuki? I’ll find out bout that later…. Well, I’ll write more later.


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