My Close Friends….

Sher May: The poet, expressionist, babe, really good friend
Melinda: Cute, very very happy, babe, really good friend
Kimberley: My twinny-twin-twin, perky buddy, also known as Mrs. Hedlund Wentz Way, known you since Std 1
Bonnie: Fellow crapper, sarcastic buddy, also known as Mrs. Iero (eye-year-oh) Martin Way, known you since Tadika and still don’t know who you are sometimes, Galavanter
Jane: Skinny buddy (even skinnier than I am), as perky as Kimmy, of all my friends I’ve never seen you cry before…..
Manveen: Harry Potter fanatic, a little blur, married to Sampras, 99% of the time smiling
Amber: Kingdom Hearts 2 addict, my friend since tadika as well, supporter
Mei Shin: My short friend (if you’re reading this, please don’t get offended, I’m seriously not trying to insult), Amber’s closest friend

Brian: Blur buddy, always beats me at almost everything (we still compare as to who’s the fastest swimmer, lol)
Roy: Another one of my short friends (when will you ever grow, I wonder?), Squeaky, Irritating (sometimes), known you since Tadika as well
Harris: Tall person (finally there’s someone taller than I am), a little sick in the mind (jking la), erm… just a buddy (i guess)
Azzim: Zim Zap, another squeaky one, another one of my erm…. buddies
Gao Jye: Looks innocent but deep inside he’s the most evil friend I’ve ever had, annoys me too much, irritates me like hell, *looks at gao jye with pure hatred*, but still a friend
Wen Xin: Nix New Hnuey (his full name spelt backwards), student tech, “so-called” class blogger who leaves all the hard work to the girls

that’s all i guess. ppl who’s names arent in here, ur still my closest frens
xoxo, Shandel

PS: Amber, don’t tell anyone the URL of this blog (i’m practically begging you)


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